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The Earth Resources Centre was asked by the University to cease activities from 31 July 1999. The ERC is now closed and these pages are for information only. However, a number of activities such as waste management and air quality research are continuing under private management.

Dr. John Merefield can be contacted on Exeter (01392) 436340 or at Advance Environmental where he is working as a consultant.

Ian Stone can be contacted at Air Quality Division, Advance Environmental, Wolfson Laboratories, University of Exeter, Higher Hoopern Lane, Exeter, Devon EX4 4SG. Tel (01392) 430088

For information on waste management work please phone or fax Brian Evans on Exeter (01392) 263914.

Dr. Robert Hodgson can be contacted on +44-1884-821239 or R.L.P.Hodgson@exeter.ac.uk

Dr. Mike Heath can be contacted on 01209 216647 or M.J.Heath@exeter.ac.uk

Further details will be given when available.

Director: John R Merefield, MPhil PhD FGS CGeol MIScT

The Earth Resources Centre (ERC) was established in 1989 to co-ordinate interdisciplinary research in environmental geology and related environmental fields, such as natural hazards, waste disposal, and resource evaluation. The expertise of geologists and environmental scientists is complemented by input from hydrologists, ecologists, engineers and others. The ERC has its own skilled experimental and technical staff who undertake field and laboratory investigations and additionally support the research staff.

Present research contracts include seismic hazard assessment, radiogenic and other gas studies for the detection of faults, gas evolution and migration in landfill sites, radionuclide retardation in granites, groundwater recharge to sandstone aquifers, geochemistry of stream sediments, and environmental dust monitoring around opencast mining sites.

The Centre has strong links with industry and government agencies, from whom it receives funding. Training courses of various types are run, ranging from one or two-day short courses for industry to certificated evening courses and technician training.

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Earth Resources Centre
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The ERC was part of the Camborne School of Mines within the University of Exeter.

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