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The radon issue has focused public attention on the presence of radioactivity in South-West England. Staff at the Earth Resources Centre already have considerable experience in radioelement detection for radon investigations and radioactive waste management research over some fifteen years. This programme has built up a database of knowledge through research contracts, major articles, theses and books. Our wide ranging activities include monitoring, regional exploration and site investigation. Our laboratories are included in the NERC listing of radioelement research provision for the UK.

Facilities include:

  • Soil gas sampling probes
  • Portable radon detectors
  • Portable radon degassing units
  • Gamma-ray field spectrometers
  • Uranium analysers
  • Alpha spectrometry system

For further details please contact:

Mike Heath, John Merefield
Earth Resources Centre,
University of Exeter,
North Park Road,
EX4 4QE.

Telephone 01392 263913,
Fax 01392 263907.

email J.R.Merefield@exeter.ac.uk

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