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Courses and Training

Hydrogeology: Principles and Applications
Contact: Dr. Mike Heath.

The objectives of this course are to provide a broad understanding of the principles of hydrogeology and its application to civil engineering, with particular reference to water resources, waste disposal, site investigations and site hydrology.

Environmental Technology
Contact: Dr. John Merefield

This training is tailored to the needs of individuals through seminars, hands-on-experience and more formal training from several days to several months. It includes methodology, hardware selection and use, data acquisition and processing, computer applications, presentation, interpersonal skills, safety and legislation.

Impact of Mining on the Environment
Contact: Dr. John Merefield

This course aims to give a practical overview of the environmental impact of mining. It covers the environmental impact of metalliferous and coal mining on surface and groundwater systems, waste disposal and contaminated land management. It includes a major field component.

Earth Resources Centre,
University of Exeter,
North Park Road,
EX4 4QE.

Telephone 01392 263901,
Fax 01392 263907

email J.R.Merefield@exeter.ac.uk

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