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Air Quality Monitoring

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the oxidised gas of nitric oxide (NO) and is an emission product of motor vehicles. NO2 is detrimental to human health and a contributor to the ‘greenhouse effect’. The levels of NO2 have been rising in the UK due to the increased volumes of traffic, and in recent years public awareness of gaseous pollution demands monitoring of this problem. An inexpensive and accurate solution to NO2 monitoring is the passive diffusion tube. These easy-to-use tubes can be placed anywhere and can indicate the hourly mean NO2 for up to one month.

The Earth Resources Centre offers complete analysis of NO2 and SO2 passive diffusion tubes and is accredited by NETCEN (National Environmental Technology Centre) at the AEA, Harwell.

For further details please contact: Jon Camp

Earth Resources Centre,
University of Exeter,
North Park Road,
EX4 4QE.

Telephone 01392 263909,
Fax 01392 263907.

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