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Information Services

Quality Services - Confidential, Cost Effective and with Proven Experience

The Earth Resources Centre (ERC) has gained a wide experience in the utilisation of information searches in a variety of fields as diverse as contaminated land, incineration, alternative paper sources, and the disposal of hazardous waste.

We are located at the University of Exeter, possessing one of the largest libraries in the south west, we have on-line network experience, access to relevant journals, publications and maps.

The ERC provides a confidential and cost-effective programme, designed to suit the needs of the individual client. We can provide:

  • Desk studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Literature searches
  • Historical searches
  • Network and on-line searches
  • Geological, geophysical and O/S map interpretation
  • Photographic interpretation

These are supported by a full range of analytical facilities, and a mobile laboratory for in-field analysis and rapid response to urgent requests.

For further details please contact:

Dr Andrew Dean

Earth Resources Centre,
University of Exeter,
North Park Road,
EX4 4QE.

Telephone 01392 263911,
Fax 01392 263907.

email A.Dean@exeter.ac.uk

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