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Welcome to History Resource!

History Resource brings you the latest news and information on the teaching and learning of History and its related subject Citizenship from the History Education Centre, University of Exeter.

What does History Resource provide?

  • information about the Centre's Initial Teacher Training and Continual Professional Development courses. 
  • access to many other valuable web sites that support the teaching of History and Citizenship and provide information on current innovations and developments. See useful links.
  • The International Journal of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research (IJHLTR).
  • information about our links with the ITT/CPD Partnership.
  • up to date teaching materials and resources, all classroom tested, for the whole age and ability range. See resources.

Who contributes?

You do. If you have any interesting developments or ideas about the teaching of History and Citizenship that you would like to share contact our webmaster.

Many thanks to the children of Welford and Wickham Primary School, West Berkshire for allowing us to display some of their pictures.  

Site updated 29 September 2010

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