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International Journal
of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research

ISSN 1472 -9466 Volume 6

January 2006



Isabel Barca and Helena Pinto
How Children Make Sense of Historic Streets: Walking through Downtown Guimaraes .doc .pdf

Min Fui Chee
Training Teachers for the Effective Use of Museums .doc .pdf

Terrie Epstein
The Effects of Family/Community and School Discourses on Children’s and Adolescents’ Interpretations of United States History .doc .pdf

David Gerwin
Object Lessons: Teachers, Historians, Narratives and Inquiry .doc .pdf

Penelope Harnett
Exploring the Potential for History and Citizenship Education with Primary Children at the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol .doc .pdf

Stéphane Levesque
Integrating Museum Education and School History: Illustrations from the RCR Museum and London Museum of Archaeology .doc .pdf

Danijela Trskan
Pedagogic Activities of Museums in the Republic of Slovenia .doc .pdf

Gail Weldon
A Comparative Study of the Construction of Memory and Identity in the Curriculum of Post-conflict Societies: Rwanda and South Africa .doc .pdf

Kate Hawkey
Mediating Narrative in Classroom History .doc .pdf

Irene Nakou 
Museums and History Education in Our Contemporary Context .doc .pdf

Sigi Howes
History in Environmental Education: the Experience of the Cape Town Centre for Conservation Education
.doc .pdf

Jon Nichol
Museums and Identity: Robben Island and the Cretan Cauldron .doc .pdf

Sofie Geschier
Narrating the Holocaust to Younger Generations:
Memory and Postmemory in the Cape Town Holocaust Centre
.doc .pdf