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 International Journal

of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research

ISSN 1472 -9466 Volume 2 Number 1

December 2001



Professionalism, Scholarship, Theory and Research .doc .pdf


Ismail Demircioğlu
Does the Teaching of History in Turkey Need Reform?
.doc .pdf

Terry Haydn
Subject Discipline Dimensions of ICT and Learning: History, a Case Study .doc .pdf

Sonia Kerrigan
Creating a Community School Museum: Theory into Practice
.doc .pdf

Jesus Romero Morante
Information Technology and the Teaching of History: The Problems of Pedagogic Innovation .doc .pdf

Arja Virta
Student Teachers' Conceptions of History .doc .pdf


Lidija Radulovich and Vera Rajovich
Teacher Education in Yugoslavia .doc .pdf

Jon Nichol and Kevin O'Connell
History Curricula from Around the World for the 21st Century .doc .pdf


Joke van der Leeuw-Roord
Changing Professional Practice: Training Balkan History Educators to Become Agents of Change .doc .pdf