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International Journal
of Historical Learning, Teaching and Research

Published twice-yearly,  in January and July, in both electronic and printed forms, this journal aims to enhance the teaching of history for the 5 - 18 range, through relevant articles, reviews and information from around the world. It is aimed at practitioners and educationalists, providing a medium for stimulating and challenging ideas, innovation and practice in all aspects of history teaching and learning.

Anyone involved in the teaching of of history is welcome to contribute. Intending contributors are advised to read the Notes for Contributors and Publishing Policy. For further information and submission of articles please contact the Editorial Board.

Articles can be viewed and downloaded  individually as .doc files or as .pdf files (in Acrobat Reader - if you don't have the latter follow the link to get a free download). Alternatively the whole journal can be downloaded as one file: .doc .pdf.

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ISSN 1472 -9466 Volume 7 Number 1

January 2007



Dursun Dilek
Using a Thematic Teaching Approach Based on Pupils' Skill and Interest in Social Studies Teaching .doc .pdf

Helena Gillespie
Teaching Emotive and Controversial History to 7-11 Year Olds: a Report for The Historical Association
.doc .pdf

Robert Guyver
The History Curriculum in Three Countries - Curriculum Balance, National Identity, Prescription and Teacher Autonomy: the Cases of England, New Zealand and South Africa .doc .pdf

Penelope Harnett
Teaching Emotive and Controversial History to 3-7 Year Olds: a Report for The Historical Association
.doc .pdf

Stéphane Levesque
Rethinking the 'Bush Doctrine': Historical Thinking and Post-September 11 Terrorism .doc .pdf

Samuel A. Oppenheim
Teaching about Slavery - Political Correctness or Good History and Perspective? .doc .pdf

Jon Nichol and Cathie McIlroy 
A Cognitive Acceleration Intervention Strategy for 9-13 Year Old Gifted and Talented Children or Harry Potter Meets the History Detective: History Mysteries, Creativity, Literacy, & Thinking Skills through History with ICT - a Report on Research in Progress .doc .pdf