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History teachers are able to employ a wide range of Information and Communications Technology tools - word processing, databases, spreadsheets, presentation software, CDROMs, the Internet and the tools of the Internet. The schemes of work and materials available will reflect not just a 'making use of' but a proper integration of ICT into the aims and activity of the history classroom.  

History Mysteries

Hyperlinked webs can now easily be built by teachers and students to develop and express their historical understanding, sharing their work locally on an intranet or publishing on the Internet. 

All historians work in some way as detectives.  

In Greendie you can join a group of detectives in investigating a mysterious death. Greendienotes.zip explains how this might be used in the classroom. Greendie2 requires the user to employ a search engine in order to access information in the web. 


Bogbody asks you to solve the mystery of a body found in a bog. Bogbody2 is the search engine version (see Greendie2 above).



Princes presents an electronic version of one of the great unsolved mysteries of all time.


The Mystery of Warley Woods poses the question of who killed Sam Whitehouse in 1822. Does the Grey Lady of Warley Abbey have the answer? This has now been further developed by Catherine McIlroy in her Warley Woods Mystery Web.Please note: this web is heavily laden with images, causing a significant download time on a 56K modem.


The Amistad Rebellion enables you to investigate the rebellion by 53 slaves on board the Amistad in 1839. Author: Neil Kirby

To download the HTML version -

To download a Word 'printout' version -

WoodsMurder.zip comprises a small set of Word pages waiting to be linked together la Greendie and added to. A good starting point for students writing their own murder mysteries. Also included is a template for presenting conclusions.


In Surrender? you find yourself in the Japanese government having to advise the emperor how to respond to the Potsdam Declaration. The historical background is supplied in a briefing paper.

To download the HTML version - surrender.zip

To download a Word 'printout' version - papersurrender.zip

In Seadog you have difficult decisions to make in your efforts to wrest treasure from the Spanish.

To download - 


Cuban Crisis! puts you in the American hot seat as the USSR starts to build nuclear missile bases in Cuba. The world is in your hands!

To download - cubacrisis.zip

Virtual Field Worker

Explore changes in the village of Bolham over the last fifty years, as researched by the pupils of Bolham County Primary School. Best viewed in Internet Explorer.

Case Studies

Hyperlink and 'The Dictators'
Author: Melissa Spencer-Thomas. .zip

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