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The Centre for Electromagnetic Materials Research (CEMR) at the University of Exeter is comprised of 9 academics and approximately 20 research fellows and postgraduate students working within the School of Physics and School of Engineering. This website is designed to provide an overview of our expertise and the facilities that we have available. We are always looking to further our research endeavours and welcome enquiries both from industry and academia with a view to forming collaborative partnerships.

CEMR is led by Professors Roy Sambles FRS, Bill Barnes and David Wright whose research interests include:

Diffractive optics
Photonic control of light-matter interactions
Thin-film magnetics
Magnetic, optical and probe data storage
Microwave Photonics and Plasmonics
Phase-change materials
Photonics in biology
Terahertz Photonics and Plasmonics
Liquid crystals

The CEMR team have published well over 1000 academic papers and patents and regularly give plenary / invited talks at international conferences. CEMR academics also sit on many important governmental review bodies, research council committees, international academic bodies and journal editorial boards and are consultants to both industry and government. We are expert and in many cases world-leading in the design and fabrication of materials that are structured on the nanometre, micron or centimetre scale and in characterising the electromagnetic response of such materials. A concise overview of the fabrication and analysis systems available is provided on this site along with links to other web pages providing more detailed information on our research.