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The Careers Co-ordinator within the Centre for Legal Practice is is currently vacant, but for assistance you may contact your personal tutor or mail here.

Details of training contracts/paralegal vacancies are posted on the notice board on the second floor of the Centre.

Tom is available for consultation regarding careers advice on inter alia the following;

  • CVs
  • The procedure for obtaining training contracts
  • The CLP mentoring scheme, see below

For what is happening on the careers front click here

Centre for Legal Practice, Exeter University Mentoring scheme

The academic year 2005/06 will see this successful scheme operating again.

Various individuals have offered to be mentors to our LPC students, drawn from a wide cross section of Devon legal life. We are trying to recruit further mentors to keep up with student demand. In previous years mentors and students have commented that the scheme has been both enjoyable and very useful.

The idea of the mentoring scheme is simply to give students a taste of legal practice in real life. We are aware of the great pressures on practitioners’ time; we believe the scheme is not onerous to mentors. We encourage the students to be proactive in contacting their mentor to arrange to attend at the mentor’s place of work, at the mentor’s convenience, for a period which can range from a one hour meeting to perhaps more than one day’s work. The aim is simply to give the student an opportunity to observe a part of a lawyer’s working day; as such demands on the mentor are kept to an absolute minimum.

In around October we will invite our students to volunteer for a mentoring place. We will give them the names of the individual mentors. Some mentors have in the past offered to take on more than one student. We match students to mentors and leave the students to contact their mentor to arrange a date for a mentoring session. Students are warned that dates must be at mentors’ absolute discretion and sometimes must be scheduled for some days or weeks in advance.

After the session/s we ask students to report back briefly on how they found their "work experience". Students not attending at mentoring sessions are advised that their place will be offered to another student.

We are very grateful to the lawyers in Devon who participate in the scheme which forms such a valuable part of the students’ time with us.


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