Exeter MR Research Centre


  1. Using our Scanner
  2. Scanner Capabilities
  3. Coils
  4. Accessories and facilities
  5. fMRI Equipment

Using our Scanner

The Centre houses a Philips 1.5 T whole-body imager, dedicated to research (Gyroscan Intera with Explorer gradients), together with staff who have a wide range of imaging expertise. A visual display, eye tracker etc. are available for use in cognitive/fMRI studies. To discuss possibilities for new collaborations or use of our imaging facilities and expertise, please contact Dr Abdelmalek Benattayallah on 01392 262982.

Scanner Capabilities

  • Perfusion imaging
  • Diffusion imaging with enhanced gradient systems
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Spectroscopy-1H and 31P
  • Magnetisation Transfer contrast imaging
  • fMRI
  • Microscopic imaging
  • Angiography with maximum intensity projection images
  • Contrast enhanced imaging including bolustracking
  • Interactive real time imaging
  • Physiological gating
  • Triggering facilities both to and from the scanner.

  • RF Coils

    All the coils are receive only coils except for build-in body coil and spectroscopy coils which act as transmitters as well.

    Proton (imaging) 31P (spectroscopy)
  • Quadrature Body Coil
  • Sense Body Coil
  • Quadrature Head Coil
  • Sense Head Coil
  • Proton spectroscopy Head Coil
  • Synergy Head/Neck Coil
  • Quadrature Neck Coil
  • Bilateral Breast Coil
  • Quadrature Knee Coil
  • Synergy Spine Coil (5 coil elements)
  • Synergy Pediatric Coil
  • Small Sense Flex Coil-circular 11cm diameter
  • Medium Sense Flex Coil-eliptical 14cm x 17cm
  • Large Sense Flex Coil-circular 20cm diameter
  • 20cm Circular Surface Coil
  • 11cm Circular Surface Coil
  • 23mm Microscopy Coil
  • 47mm Microscopy Coil
  • 6cm diameter Surface Coil
  • 10cm diameter Surface Coil
  • 14cm diameter Surface Coil
  • Phosphorous Spectroscopy Head Coil
  • Accessories and facilities

  • Vectorcardiography triggering/gating unit
  • Peripheral pulse triggering/gating unit
  • Respiration sensor unit
  • MRXperion MR compatible contrast injector system
  • Glucose & Lactate Analyzer (YSI 2300 STAT Plus)
  • Non-magnetic patient trolleys
  • Non-magnetic patient wheelchair
  • Resuscitation trolley
  • Subject waiting and changing room facilities(picture by Stella Tripp)
  • Subject preparation area

  • fMRI Equipment

  • Digital projector system (Epson EMP-74) with optical fibre computer interface and high resolution screen
  • RGB and VGA Fiber Optic Transport System (RGB-2000 Series 500 MHz)
  • Eye tracking system (ASL Model 504LRO)
  • Patient headset with external pneumatic auditory connection
  • In-bore microphone
  • Subject response button-box facility (4-Channel Bimanual) + (4 Button Inline) + (Legacy Trackball ) and (Legacy Joystick)
  • fORP FIU-005 Interface Unit
  • Variable frequency multiple pin array vibrotactile stimulator
  • SPM analysis workstations