On the front page, there are a row of buttons at the top:
– this button takes you to the contents page. From here you can jump straight to any page.
[ HELP ]
– brings you to this help page.

At the top and bottom of most pages you will find a set of buttons intended to help you navigate. These are:

[ HOME ]
– takes you to the start page.
[ TOP ]
– takes you to the start page of the current section, or if you are at the bottom of a document, this button wll take you back to the top of the document.
[ NEXT ]
– takes you to the next page of the current section.
[ PREV ]
– takes you to the previous page of the current section. This may be a different page to where you came from - use your browser's BACK button to return to the page you came from.

Most of the time you can step through the Guide using simply the [ NEXT ] and [ PREV ] buttons. Sometimes however a link from one section may take you into a completely different section. In that case to go back to the page you came from you must use the “Back” button built into your web browser, because the buttons in the document will refer to pages within that section.


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