Exeter MR Research Centre

Research interests

We are actively involved in a wide range of projects cross a different fields. More details of our research can be found below on the webpages of our research groups. 

Brain Function (fMRI) Contact  
Exercise and Brain Function

Cognitive Control and Associative Learning


Cognitive Functioning

Vibrotactile Stimuli

DTI and Tractography

Nutrition and Brain Function
Prof Adrian Taylor

Dr Aureliu Lavric

Dr Fraser Milton

Dr Natalia Lawrence

Dr Ian Summers

Dr Matthew E. Roser

Dr Jon Fulford

Physiology Contact  
Human Bioenergetics

Paediatric Physiology

Cardiac & Vascular Contact  
Clinical Cardiac

Vascular and Stroke

Dr Oliver Gosling

Dr Salim Elyas

Body Composition Contact  
Fat distribution and Clinical Consequences

Inter-modality Comparisons

Dr Katarina Kos

Dr Karen Knapp

Spinal, Joint and Bone Health Contact  
Spinal, Joint and Bone Health

Dr Judith Meakin

Modelling of MRI data Contact  
Modelling of MRI data

Prof Philippe Young